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Matt Schultz is the Founder of Fringe Digital, a Native-owned publishing and media production company based in Northern Michigan. When he is not producing original content focused on the intersections of indigenous living, technology, spirituality, nature and ecology he is re-wilding his lifestyle by exploring and adventuring in the outdoors. Matt holds certifications in Wilderness First Response (WFR) and Avalanche Risk Management (AIARE). He is also a proud member of the National Ski Patrol (Alpine Patroller). Matt is currently pursuing further training in outdoor survival at the Maine Primitive Skills School, as well as certification in Functional Aging Fitness. Matt is available for personalized and group guiding and outdoor skills education.

You can reach him at matt.schultz@mgschultz.com.

The Fringeologist is his personal travel and professional development journal. Feel free to follow him here and on Twitter @digitalfringes.