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Embracing Our Moment and a Movement for Change

I’m blessed to find myself alive and wide awake at this turning point in our human story. If the Creator wills it I am set to live through the deciding decades of our shared survival on this planet. What can a man do when faced with such a challenge except to see it as an opportunity to put society back in touch with its proper roots. I’ve lived the first half of my life chasing a distant and distorted dream of technological progress. In this second chapter its time to get to work reclaiming our essential dignity and a place for our direct experience.

Matt Schultz is the Founder of Fringe Digital
the Fringeologist is his personal Journal and Travel Log

About Me


I reclaim my ancestral Anishinaabe heritage by actively decolonizing my relationship to settler politics, technology, and society and indigenizing my lifeways.


I cultivate a passionate engagement with our changing natural world and model a healthier relationship to the earth and its indigenous communities.


I exercise agency and ownership over my creativity and my content. Through story-making and storytelling I breathe life into words, images, sound, and motion.


I leverage my sovereign resources to innovate, grow, and invest wealth in sustainable and responsible ways for the impact and improvement of future generations.


I fight for a future of freedom from political and corporate influence and control over our daily lives, our self-determination and our destinies.


I consider deeply the natural and built world around me and cultivate consciousness, connection, and compassion for and with all living things.