Welcome to The Fringeologist

Welcome to The Fringeologist, the personal journal and travel log of Matt Schultz, Founder of Fringe Digital.

Here at The Fringeologist you will get a glimpse into the expeditions and trainings that deepen Fringe Digital‘s unique digital consultancy to individuals, organizations, and communities. Fringe Digital seeks to decolonize, declutter, and detoxify data and the digital in our daily lives. To do that we push the boundaries at the outermost interface between the virtual and the analog in our human experience. We deliver tailored and targeted immersive trainings to inspire and motivate everyday people to incorporate practical new strategies to reclaim a more balanced relationship with technology, the environment, and our communities. We also work on place-based levels to empower organizations and communities to reclaim ownership and control over their data.

Starting in January 2021, we will begin posting dispatches from the field. We’ll take you inside the trainings and research that undergird the immersive and interactive outreach and education curricula that Fringe Digital offers to individuals, organizations, and communities who seek to build up protective practices for managing their growing addictions to digital devices and social media, and to safeguard their personal digital assets and identities from an expanding array of virtual threats.

Fringe Digital wants to become a part of reshaping our faster future by empowering and equipping you to tap into and appreciate your own human hi-tech–your own innate intuitions and capacities for connecting with yourself, with others, and with the world around you. You can drop-in here for glimpses into how we make it all work, and join us as we travel around the country and the world to keep evolving our models and methods.

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